Music in Mind? Cue Music 

Music is an emotive, evocative and powerful medium for reaching many types of audience: it can move entire crowds; it can calm and soothe the individual; it can stimulate and invigorate just about anyone. Whatever mood or message you want to convey, it can be achieved through music – Cue Music. 

Cue Music? 
Cue Music is David Sharp, a London-based composer, arranger, producer and music supervisor. He has over 25 years' experience in the music industry, primarily in media.

Cue Music has collaborated with a wide variety of clients, including: the BBC, ABC Australia, Citigroup, BP, Udell Group, CORD Worldwide and Saga Holidays.

Cue Music Creations 
Here are just some of the exciting projects Cue Music has been part of.

Jingles and sonic branding for TV and Internet advertising
Bespoke, branded score to picture for CORD's Purina/Felix TV and Internet adverts.

Theme, source, score and incidental music for films and TV shows
Theme tune for ABC (Australia's) Lateline TV show and some source music for Disney/Pixar's "Finding Dory".

Music for corporate videos and presentations
A corporate anthem to be used primarily at Debenhams' shareholder presentations, a promotional film for Saga Holidays, music for an internal communication video for BP and a charity fund raising film for the Mayhew Animal Home.

Score and binaural beats for relaxation CDs
Conceiving original orchestral music, accompanied by binaural beats, to back a number of guided experiences in Udell Group's "Mind" and "Soul" CD products.

Educational products
Creating a suite of animated music videos to help children learn their timetables. 

Using the Trinity Rock and Pop syllabus (Grades 1 through 8) to teach young musicians Drums, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards and Vocals.

Pop songs
Writing, performing and producing pop songs from many genres including: Boy Bands, Singer/Songwriter, Country Rock, Rock, R&B etc.

Cue Music Know-How and You

If you know what you want, Cue Music offers a product that perfectly matches your brief and is immediately cleared for licensing.

If you're stuck for choice, Cue Music has extensive experience in creating music in many genres, styles and formats.

If you want musical excellence, Cue Music works with an international network of musicians and co-writers to ensure the highest quality of composition, playing and recording. 

If you want to develop your musicianship, Cue Music can offer education and coaching on composition, production, and performance of drums, guitars, basses and keyboards.

If you're in need of a music supervisor, Cue Music can select, tailor and license music for corporate productions, and more.

If you'd like to learn more about Cue Music know-how, contact David Sharp at:

What do Clients Say? 
"Each time I listen to your music it really touches me on so many levels and also vibrates quality, professional, soulful and clearly a master at his craft has created this, brilliant, well done and thank you!”
Laurence Udell - Chairman, Udell Group

"The Lateline theme is widely regarded as the best TV news theme in this country so the thanks are to you David
Joanna Puccini - Supervising Producer, ABC Australia

"Writing music for television is always a selfless task for a composer and writing for an international audience is even more tricky. It was an absolute pleasure to work with David on BBC World’s African Cup of Nations. 

He responded well to the brief, was patient with all our requests and fully captured the excitement and build up to the event – a great campaign! 
Thea Cole - Creative Head, Red Bee Media